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    “If you want to boost your business, you need to buy google reviews.”

    What’s the first thing you see when you search for a business on Google?

    That’s right, you see Google My Business listings with reviews. This is exactly the place where most users will stop to research your business.

    And since reviews are key in determining the appeal of your listing for customers and its position in search rankings, you’d probably want to have a lot of positive reviews.

    How do you do that? And why should you care in the first place?

    Let’s find out!

    buy 5 star reviews

    Why Are Google Reviews Important for Your Business?

    We want to talk about 3 reasons why Google reviews can be insanely important for your business:

    • Google is the largest and fastest-growing review platform.
    • Potential customers will check out reviews online before dealing with you.
    • Google reviews can impact your local search rankings.

    With that being said, let’s look into each of these reasons more in-depth.

    Google is the largest and the fastest-growing review platform

    Google is leading in many fields. They have the biggest video-sharing platform, Google Search is the most used search engine, they have an insanely popular mail service (we are talking about Gmail), and not only.

    It’s not surprising that Google has taken the lead with online reviews. Well, that’s due to the popularity of Google Search.

    According to BrightLocal, Google Reviews has been the fastest-growing review service since around 2015. From 2015 to 2016, the number of reviews left at Google has increased by 278%. For comparison, the next fastest-growing review site – TripAdvisor – had an increase of only 82%.

    Needless to say, harnessing the potential of Google Reviews is a must for any business. People appear to be leaving a lot of reviews at Google Reviews, and you should work to get people to leave a review of your business.

    Potential customers will check out reviews online before dealing with you

    According to BirdEye, 62% of buyers aged 18-49 use their phones to look up reviews while in the store. Aside from that, 50% of those adults nearly always consult reviews before making a purchase.

    Well, this is a pretty big one.

    Imagine that you don’t have any Google Reviews. If someone looks up your business to try and decide whether to deal with you, they are likely to be repulsed by the absence of reviews.

    0 reviews don’t tell anything about your business, and even if you are working very hard to deliver a seamless experience to your clients, people won’t have a tangible indicator of your product or service quality.

    Of course, at the very beginning, you will have no way of having reviews. And only a few people will take the risk and buy from you something without knowing anything about you. But once you get your first positive reviews, things will get going much easier.

    Google Reviews can impact your local search rankings

    Do you know where people are the most likely to find your business?

    The answer is online. Nowadays, you don’t even have to go out of the home to find out who sells bikes in the area, for example. Google already has all the answers.

    With this in mind, local search rankings are insanely important for any business.

    Well, the fact that Google reviews impact local search rankings will probably be good news for you.

    According to a study conducted by Google My Business top contributor Joy Hawkins, a decrease of Google review numbers (for example, if they were removed by Google because they had been posted by anonymous users) caused a drop in search engine rankings a few days later.

    Another study carried out by Sara Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing goes even deeper into this question. Jantsch studied over 22,000 local business listings and more than 100,000 reviews to find out how the number of Google reviews impacts search rankings.

    Here are her key findings:

    • The top 3 Google local search results on average have 472% more reviews than listings on positions 4 to 6.
    • The top 3 Google local search results are much more likely to have more Google reviews.
    • In 63% of the studied cases, the top 3 local search results contained the listing with most Google reviews.
    • A listing in the top 3 has 7.62 reviews on average, while listings at positions from 4 to 6 have just 1.61 reviews on average.

    Does this allow one to claim that Google reviews impact search rankings?

    Well, the numbers above say yes. While SEO is much more than just Google reviews, user feedback appears to be an important factor. With that being said, Jantsch appears not to have counted in other SEO factors, so it’s difficult to say how important reviews are compared to other things that Google Search takes into account.

    Still, Jantsch’s research is grandiose, and it does provide some useful insight into the impact that Google reviews may have on your business’ local search rankings.


    How Do You Get Google Reviews?

    We now know why Google reviews are very important for your business. Another very important question still may bother you – how do you get Google reviews? Well, there are two options.

    You ask customers for Google reviews

    Well, the best way for you to go about getting Google reviews is to just ask them. You should ask every one of your customers to leave feedback on your Google My Business listing.

    Some businesses like to cherry-pick customers and only ask for positive reviews. This isn’t the best approach – this impacts the number of reviews you get and also doesn’t allow you to spot and fix issues that your customers have encountered.

    Google also doesn’t approve of this kind of review gating. Google wants unbiased reviews, and when you are filtering them, they become biased.

    Here’s how you could have your customers write Google reviews of your business: buy google places reviews

    • Ask for feedback immediately.
    • Carry out a review-request email campaign.
    • Create a unique link for customers to write reviews through and share it on social media.
    • Send a review request via SMS.
    • Make your customers happy so that they want to share their positive experience with others.

    You may use any other channel of choice to request reviews from your users with. But remember – make sure to gather any kind of reviews, not just positive.

    You buy Google reviews

    The other option is to buy Google reviews.

    Buying Google reviews is much easier and perhaps cheaper than gathering them naturally. It comes at a cost, but it’s more time-efficient than trying to get your customers to leave a review on your Google My Business listing.

    You can also check our Facebook Page Review Services.

    Why Would You Want to Buy Google Reviews?

    The more reviews you have, the better, but there are some specific cases where you would want to acquire user reviews fast. Here are the most notable ones.

    You have no reviews and want to have some

    As mentioned above, it’s pretty difficult to make the impression of a trustworthy business if you have no reviews online. Not many people will want to take the risk and deal with a business who they have no information about.

    Well, buying a few Google Business reviews is one option for businesses to gather reviews at those difficult initial stages. If you buy positive reviews, you may be able to get a small head start.

    You have many negative reviews and want to even things out

    The second reason why you would want to buy Google reviews for My Business is compensating for negative reviews.

    To be fair, this can be a bit of a shady technique. If some business has a noticeable number of negative reviews, then they probably are doing something wrong. And buying 5-star Google reviews won’t even things out.

    Let’s keep it straight – if you would rather pad negative reviews with positive ones instead of fixing your issues, you aren’t a good business owner.

    With that being said, buying a few 5-star Google reviews may not harm you and might even help you get back on track. But we still strongly recommend that you fix your issues and then gather positive feedback from new & satisfied users.

    You want to impact your competitors’ positions

    The third reason is your desire to impact your competitor’s positions. We are talking about buying negative Google reviews that would impair the position of your competitor.

    Is this the right thing to do? No. If you want others to choose you rather than your competitor, then you should work hard to make your product or service stand out.

    With that being said, if you oh so want to worsen your competitor’s Google My Business review profile, nothing prevents you from doing so. But remember that at the end of the day, it’s the quality of the actual product or service that plays a role.

    Should You Buy Google Reviews?

    We now know all the key things about Google reviews. Aside from that, we know that you can buy Google reviews cheap and that they may be able to positively affect your business listing.

    Should you buy Google reviews though?

    This will be up to you. As for us, we want to draw your attention to a few important factors that you should know about and that may impact your final decision.

    Earned reviews are much more valuable

    First of all, earned, genuine Google reviews are much more valuable than purchased reviews.

    Genuine reviews have little to no chance of looking spam my or unnatural. Not only that, but genuine reviews provide you, the business owner, with real feedback on your product or service.

    If people have been very satisfied with their interaction with you, Google reviews will tell you about that. If buyers have encountered issues – whether minor or deal-breaking – you will know about that as well.

    Genuine reviews are immeasurably more valuable than purchased reviews since they provide you and others with first-hand insight into your business. And that’s why we suggest that even if you decide to buy Google Maps reviews, do not rely on them too much.

    buy google reviews usa


    So you’ve bought a few hundred reviews for your Google My Business listing. Your review count has increased by so much, which is great.

    But how will you then know which reviews are the bought ones and which reviews are left by your customers?

    Well, unless the bought reviews have some identifiable patterns, you are going to have a very hard time distinguishing between them and genuine reviews.

    What this means is that you may lose the ability to assess how the experience of your customers has been. Not only that but if you buy many reviews to compensate for negative feedback, you may get a false sense of security.

    Will losing touch with reality benefit your business? Certainly not. So again, if you do decide to buy Google reviews, don’t buy too many.

    Issues with the law in some areas

    Finally, in some countries or states, buying fake reviews can lead to legal issues.

    Most importantly, if you are in the United States, think twice before buying Google reviews (and any other kind of reviews). The thing is that you may be held liable as per the Federal Trade Commission’s regulations.

    FTC requires that “material connections” between businesses and endorsers (reviewers) be disclosed. Not only that, false or unsubstantiated claims could also be punished with hefty fines.

    If you aren’t operating in the US, then check with your local laws to find out whether buying reviews could result in legal proceedings against you. If so, then the short-term benefits of buying Google reviews aren’t worth it for you.

    Final Words

    Think well before deciding to buy Google reviews for your business listing.

    Paid Google reviews may indeed improve how people view your business and how your listing ranks on Google. But do keep in mind all the points we mentioned above.

    In the end, no matter what you decide to do, make sure to work hard to earn genuine user reviews. There’s nothing more valuable than natural feedback for your business improvement, so do focus most of your efforts on making people happy.

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