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Buy SoundCloud Plays

Looking to buy SoundCloud plays cheap?

Boosting your SoundCloud stats can bring some sizable benefits to your artist profile, and you perhaps should employ paid plays as a marketing tactic.

There are a few important things that we want to talk about though..

First of all, we’ll talk about the importance of the play count on SoundCloud. Then, we’ll have a look at bought plays and will try to understand whether they are as good as they seem.

Let’s get started!

What Are SoundCloud Plays?

Buy SoundCloud Plays
Buy SoundCloud Plays

SoundCloud plays are an indicator of how many people have listened to your track.

SoundCloud counts a play once the play button is clicked. If the listener is logged in to their SoundCloud account, the plays are tracked real-time. Otherwise, their plays will be counted in within 24 hours. Self-plays – the plays of your own track – do not count towards the play count.

Why Are SoundCloud Plays Important?

First of all, SoundCloud Plays are important because of the SoundCloud search algorithm called DiscoRank.

There are many factors determining your search rankings, including:

  • Track & profile descriptions.
  • The number of followers.

There are many other factors that affect your Disco Rank, but these are the ones that form its basis.

What this means is that an increase in your track’s plays may result in an improvement of your search rankings on the platform. This could then lead to more people discovering you. And the more popular you get, the easier it should be for you to get new people to listen to your tracks.

With that being said, SoundCloud plays alone aren’t going to boost your rankings. As mentioned above, Disco Rank takes a lot of factors into account, and a big number of plays alone probably won’t bring the best effect.

Another, smaller why plays are important on SoundCloud is social proof.

When you look popular, it’s easier to become more popular. Many people out there are more likely to listen to a popular track with thousands of plays than to one with just a few dozen or hundred plays. This won’t be true for everyone though.

How Do You Get SoundCloud Plays?

We now know that SoundCloud plays are important, but how do you get them?

Well, there are two options that we want to talk about – getting plays naturally or buying them from a seller that offers SoundCloud plays.

You get SoundCloud plays naturally

Getting SoundCloud plays naturally is the much more challenging option, but it’s going to be more beneficial in the long term.

You get plays naturally by harnessing the powers of the SoundCloud platform. Namely:

  • You could keyword-optimize your profile & track descriptions.

The fewer plays, likes, followers, etc. you have, the more difficult it will be for you to increase your audience and reach. Well, that’s just a thing that you will have to deal with by creating great content and engaging people.

In the long run though, working hard to get genuine user engagement could mean a loyal fanbase and better enjoyment of what you do.

You buy SoundCloud plays

The other option is to buy SoundCloud plays.

Well, this is as simple as it sounds. You find a company that offers SoundCloud plays, choose the number of plays, pay for them, and get them delivered to the selected track.

Buying SoundCloud plays is much easier than getting them naturally. With that being said, there are a few things you should be mindful of.

Buy SoundCloud Plays
Buy SoundCloud Plays

Pros & Cons of Buying SoundCloud Plays

First of all, we want to talk about the pros & cons of buying SoundCloud plays. If you’ve been thinking about buying plays lately, then make sure to read this section so that you know what to expect.


Pros of buying SoundCloud plays

Let’s first start with the pros of buying SoundCloud plays. There are quite a few, and bought plays could benefit both new and well-established SoundCloud artists.

The quick inflow of plays

Getting SoundCloud plays is the fastest way of kick-starting a new song. Not only that, but SoundCloud newbies could also quickly get some good positions on the platform.

As mentioned above already, getting plays is very difficult for people who have little to no audience. And while you should focus most of your efforts on getting people to listen to your tracks naturally, a small number of purchased plays may give you a noticeable boost.

Experienced SoundCloud artists with big fanbases may also make use of purchased plays, but they may not get as good of an effect as newbies. Artists with a large audience probably won’t have a hard time getting plays naturally, and purchased plays will have a lower value for them.

Improved social credibility

If people see that your tracks are popular, they are more likely to listen to your music. This isn’t true for everyone, but that’s just how things work. And the more people listen to your tracks, the easier it will be for you to attract more and more SoundCloud users to your persona.

Better rankings

Purchased SoundCloud plays may also help you improve your rankings on the platform.

We’ve said above that the SoundCloud’s Disco Rank search algorithm relies on many factors when ranking tracks and artists, among them plays. And needless to say, the more plays your tracks have, the better your positions will be compared to other SoundCloud artists.

This benefit may be especially useful for new SoundCloud artists whose profiles are too weak to get solid rankings on the platform. So yeah, if you are a beginner, you may buy SoundCloud plays to improve your rankings.

Increased attention

A big number of SoundCloud plays could make you go viral, but this isn’t a thing that you can predict or work hard for. No one can say which track will become insanely popular – even if you think that your talent is outstanding, your track isn’t guaranteed to go viral.

With that being said, a big number of plays could make it more likely for your track to go viral, especially if you already are a popular SoundCloud artist.

Cons of buying SoundCloud plays

It’s great that buying SoundCloud plays can help you quickly gain some grounds on the platform, but there are a few downsides to it that you should know about.

Plays alone won’t make much difference

The first downside to know about is that plays alone won’t make that big of a difference, at least in terms of search rankings.

As mentioned above, Disco Rank takes into account not just plays but many other things like profile & track descriptions, likes, or follows. However, there may be many more things that SoundCloud doesn’t tell the public about.

Thus, plays are just a small factor in the ocean of many others that Disco Rank may base its ranking decisions on. What this means is that plays alone may not make a big difference in your rankings.

The solution? You will have to either buy likes, follows, reposts, etc. as well, or work hard to get natural traffic towards the track you’ve just bought plays for.

Bought plays are not targeted

The second issue with bought SoundCloud plays is that they are not targeted.

Bought plays are unlikely to deliver anything other than just the promised number of plays. You probably won’t get likes, follows, reposts, downloads, or other forms of user engagement from purchased plays.

Not only that, but you can’t control who listens to your tracks and where the listeners are in the world. Due to this, the money-generating potential of bought SoundCloud plays is much, much lower than with organic listeners.

Buying SoundCloud plays can benefit you in the short run, but in the long term, they probably won’t make that big of a difference. Only organic audience could benefit you in the long run, so we recommend that you focus your strategy on getting listeners naturally.

Buying plays isn’t the most publicly acceptable practice

You’ll have to keep things low since buying plays or any other form of user engagement isn’t the most publicly acceptable practice. A genuine audience is much more valuable not only because of its money-generating potential but also because it’s harder to build.

No one will be happy to find out that you’ve cheated the system, neither your listeners nor other artists. Due to this, you shouldn’t make it evident that you’ve bought SoundCloud plays. The easiest way to do so is not to buy too many plays that would make your play count seem suspicious.

Real plays may become overwhelmed by bought plays

A big number of plays shows that people like your tracks. And conversely, if your play count doesn’t seem to rise for a long time, then you may be doing something wrong.

This is the value of having real stats – you can know more or less precisely when you are doing things right and when you are not.

What happens after you buy SoundCloud plays? That’s right, your play count increases. This isn’t bad, but what this means is that real plays will get mixed with bought ones.

Will you be able to assess how people interact with your tracks then? Well, it will be more difficult after an influx of bought plays.

Will you be able to find out how many genuine plays have come after you’ve bought plays? Again, this will be much more difficult since purchased plays will mess up your stats.

SoundCloud stats are your eyes and ears on the platform. Without stats, it would be impossible for you to find out how good your tracks are, whether people like them or not, and how good your search optimization tactics work.

After buying plays, your stats won’t reflect how people really interact with your tracks. Of course, the negative effects will be more noticeable if you buy a huge number of plays, but the effects will still be there no matter how many plays you’ve purchased.

Scams are everywhere

Let’s be clear, there are many scammer companies out there that are trying to benefit on SoundCloud artists who are trying to cheat the system. It certainly isn’t easy to find reliable sellers that you can buy real SoundCloud plays from, and it’s very easy for them to fake feedback of their service.

Should You Get SoundCloud Plays?

Given all of the above, let’s now try to give a verdict. Should you buy SoundCloud plays to boost your artist profile?

Let’s put it this way.

We’ve mentioned several times that getting genuine plays, likes, or follows from people who are interested in your tracks for real is more difficult but more valuable. And if you want a loyal audience or an audience that can generate income for you, then you should focus most of your efforts on attracting people organically.

Buying a million plays won’t help you become a top star on the platform. On the contrary, it will immediately raise some suspicions. Not only that, you will be padding your self-esteem with false success.

Bought SoundCloud plays can help you solidify your positions, but you shouldn’t overestimate them, and your promotion strategy shouldn’t rely on them. If you don’t have any following and buy a million plays, you will still be at ground zero, only one of your tracks will have a lot of plays.

Even with a million plays, your success isn’t guaranteed if you don’t create tracks that people would want to listen to.

Is this what you want? If so, then you probably don’t care about success on SoundCloud and just want to feel good by looking at stats.

If you want genuine success and a fanbase that sticks with you because they like what you do, then you should focus most of your efforts on making people enjoy your tracks. You may throw in some bought SoundCloud plays from time to time, but it shouldn’t be the main tool of your strategy.

This is how we perceive SoundCloud and success on it. How will you approach buying plays?..


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